Step 3: Cost

We try our best to accommodate everyone's needs and find the best fit for everyone. If you don't see something you are looking for, please let us know we are happy to help you!



Custom professional posts that we post on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. They contain website URLs and marketing messages.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages aka "Sales Funnel" is where it takes the client from trusting your company to sale as soon as possible. We make the selling process easy for you by linking you to Domain Name. We add a newsletter subscription field for you to begin building an email list.

Comes with 1-2 edits for FREE.



Custom professional videos for posts ads that boast engagement and sales. 3-min duration -this duration allows your clients to get the best idea of your pitch and engages them to put your company in the front of their minds. Longer videos work well for stage presentations.



Custom Professional Websites designed to speak to the clientele directly so that you gain more ROI (return on investment). You will receive everything we offer in the Landing Page Package. We upscale this offer by offering you with an SEO Upgrade, 5+ Additional Pages, Online Shopping Cart, OPTIONAL Membership Page, and POP-UP Chat Services. As an additional bonus we offer you, a selling page where you sell your next event tickets!

Comes with 1-2 edits for FREE.



Your recent post activity designed into custom newsletters to resend your message. This helps you grow your client email list. We do this though an Opt-in Page which builds your email client list. These newsletters can also be linked your social media feeds though YouTube and your Facebook Business Page.


Edit Work

If you want any editing work past the 1-2 edits we provide to our work FREE of charge. Then we charge to the amount of work you want done.


Event Planning

Price varies depending on size, location, and the amount of work needed to complete the event. The price has been already mentioned during the duration of our FREE consultation with you. Payments towards the total cost is usually made 4-times prior to the event. Plus, we require a on-the-day cost which we generally use to for our own accommodations.


If any reason the event date moves a new contact with the on-the-day cost will be added. If for any reason you should cancel the event, in the last month - start date, we will still require the on-the-day cost. If for any reason, we are unable to make it to your event because an emergency arising. We will fully refund you the on-the-day cost. We will not however refund you the 4-time payments prior to the event, as we would have already been working on it. All of these causes are also clearly mentioned in our contract with you.

We will be providing you a receipt for your claims towards each payment you make and the date payments will be made will be all marked clearly on your contract with us.

If there is any questions or issues around this please let us know!