Our 3rd Party Partners

Our partnerships mean everything to us!


Marketing and Advertisement Expert

Tim Burt

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Tim has been in the broadcasting world for over 25 years. He has generated over $500 million in sales in 30,000 commercials working with various companies.

Such companies have been the Fortune 500 companies like Burger King, South African Airways, Toyota, Graybar…and many others. He has 16 years of experience working on CBS radio where you can tell he has experience but also light-minded personally!


Public Relations Expert

Bruce Serbin

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Bruce is an 8-time International Awarded Public Relations Expert who is a powerhouse in booking his clients nationally and internationally on various TV News Channels. 

He has been recognized by the Public Relations Society of America, Gold Coast Public Relations Council, League of American Communications Professionals and the Associated Press.


Entertainment Expert

Daniel Paulin (aka. Danny Zzzz)

Daniel has been taking the entrainment category by storm in his mind-blowing hypnotist/illusionist/

mentalist shows. He has performed on Chris Angel’s “Phenomena” series, Dragon’s Den, Disney World to Las Vegas and, completed a  death-defying escape on Italy’s “Tu Si Que Vales”. It total Daniel has performed over 4,000 shows across North America.


Chef Expert

Chef Jagger Gordon


 Chef Jagger demonstrates passion in   Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, Middle Eastern, Southern BBQ and Molecular Gastronomy. He uses only direct local Farmers with the 'Farm to Fork' program. Allowing your guests to only experience the freshest meal they've ever had. 

He truly believes in giving back to the needy in the local community. Where he has designed a low-budget store, college budget-meals, and ready-to-eat meals for the homeless. This is why our company believes his 'Feed It Forward' is our chosen charity!


Photography Expert

Gaetan Dery


Photography was always a serious hobby of Gaetan since the age of 10 when he obtained his first “Brownie” camera and, from that point on, has always had a camera available in hand. Whether it be images of the environment, individuals or of a personal nature, he has never lost the joy of composing scenes for the film, digital or print media.  

While a lot of his earlier experiences in the art of photography were self-taught, he also obtained advanced knowledge and skills from mentors while residing both in Europe and the United States. Furthermore, the fact that his former military employment took him across a good portion of Europe and the United States, was a bonus as he continuously indulged in his passion for photography all the while travelling across these diverse countries.