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For Conferences, Employee Events, Career Fairs, Expo, Academics, and Live Steaming

over 5000 visitors

over 100 countries

12 presentations by experts

6 different time zones

over 8 hours of keynotes

Stiller Weg 52, 68305 Mannheim, Germany


During this time of evolution where we want to expand our personal reach over many international events we must learn to think out of the box. This award-winning platform can take your clients from the safety of their homes and network with you directly in the most interactive platform taking the world by storm. A lot of clients like Microsoft, Braun, Universitat Mannhiem and many other international companies have already been saying "yes".



For Conferences, Meetings, Expo (Car),

and Galas

Pervious Clients: Ford, Schneider Electronic, Six Flags, T-Mobile, and many others

Prices Varies



At vFairs you can minimize your cost by using state of the art trade show platform with it's networking 1:1 approach, and group chat, Speakers can engage your audience from host talks and private webinars, measureable reports on your ROI, gobal access, and multi-language platform.


Zappy Production

For Conferences, Meetings and Galas

Pervious Clients: Huawei, Dell, Zeiss, HP, any others...

Prices Varies

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


They contain the latest technology of the 3rd gaming environment to bring your company something extra special amongst state-of-art star trek like virtual platform. Set with Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Projection Mapping, Interactive Digital Solutions, AR, VR, Custom Games Development, and Video Production.


For Trade Shows, Expos and Sponsorships

Guinness World Record Holder for largest virtual podcasting platform

7310 Miramar Road, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92126


Whova  integrating software can be used on mobile devices and personal computers, which is then streamed on varies locations. Whova is leading the way with its 10x event engagements, happy attendees who are receiving increased retention, and many more. Whova uses push notifications, Live Polling, Community Board with meet-ups, Q& A and Gamification. Sponsors and Exhibitors can be informed about their ROI, attendee engagement, target marketing and many more.